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Check out a few of these old school projects that are still pretty cool:
It Came from the Swamp...
The micro gif gallery is my favorite part of this project. This link features a lot of micrographs from a scoop of swamp water.
Project Sorpreso
Microscopy UK publishes and archives in the British Internet Archives various articles featuring high mangification photography. See my featured article about the American Domestic Shorthair Cat featuring my pet Sorpreso. 
You can also view it in Italian and German .
Materials and Processes of Photography
During my thrid year of school at the Rochester Institute of Technology, the historic class Materials and Processes of Photography was completely re-vamped unlike ever before since the school opened to stay current with modern photographic technologies. As a part of web design class, we covered the updates by interviewing teachers, students, and assistants with photos and videos.
About RIT Life
This was a quick web page project with cell phone pictures that required information about life as a student at the Rochester Intitute of Technology where I attended college. This would require a fine tooth comb to call good, but when I stumbled back over this page, I thought it was kinda funny and interesting, especially if you're one of my former classmates!